After months of building Limelight’s blockchain ecosystem on Ethereum, the recent gas fees have lead to the decision of migrating previous work over to Solana. So far it’s been a very interesting learning curve, all we have to say is NFT marketplace coming soon. Also presale is delayed until full Solana integration.

Solana’s SPL Tokens

Solana has a strong advantage over Ethereum as it’s the worlds fastest blockchain with capabilities of doing over 60,000 transactions per second. This is the scalability that’s needed for a platform like limelight to work best. We are considering launching on Solana with a wSPL ERC20 token, however it’s still undecided.

Here’s the address for the token:

Metaplex NFT Marketplace

Metaplex is a Solana dapp that allows anybody to create a NFT marketplace. This has been a great learning project for Solana, as it also comes with a NFT Marketplace for limelight ready and completed.

Limelight Token (LMLT): Presale Announcement

We are excited for this project, see you soon!