Welcome to the future of music.

Limelight is a location-based music platform that uses algorithmic music discovery to provide talented musicians with exposure and streams which then allows artists to have the opportunity to rapidly propel their music careers while allowing music fans to support local musicians in becoming the next big thing worldwide.

The problem

The music industry is saturated because of major-labels.

Major-label’s run the music industry. This has made it difficult for independent artists to succeed on their own merit, they are often left hopeless and ultimately end up giving on their dream as they see the challenge of building a fanbase is too much of an impossible task. Lack of financial support and publicity are two large problems that are encountered by small/independent artist and we have the answer.

Why should artists use limelight?

With limelight, musicians are able to get the opportunity to get their music in front of potential fans through its robust blockchain ecosystem that is algorithmically designed to push good music to further audiences. 

Limelight is the one-stop-shop for independent artists.

Our platform offers digital distribution with 100% ownership of music, as well as 90% royalties from streams earned. Moreover, the discovery algorithm drives listeners who have the potential to become fans directly to the music.

An efficient token economy powered by the limelight music community
Limelight Token (LMLT) can be staked to earn rewards through rebasing, staked limelight tokens can be wrapped into CLOUT tokens for use in the limelight music platform.
Public ledger of microtransactional data made available on the blockchain
As users engage with music within the limelight ecosystem, a ledger of music meta-data is created on Polygon Matic through microtransactions which allows important metrics to be available publically in a transparent manner.
Artists Earn Exposure as Listeners Discover Music
As users engage with music released on the Limelight Music platform, a dynamic outreach value is calculated which determines how much exposure music deserves.
Tokenized Digital Distribution & Trustless Royalty Management
Artists will be able to mint NFTs for the music they release on limelight, as well as be able to manage royalties for multiple contributers through trustless smart-contrat mechanisms.

For Musicians

Build fanbases that support you
You can use a mobile device to pay
Mint NFTs to sell to your fans
Stream & download unlimited music
Drive streams to your music
You can buy token without paying any transactions
Create your own artist token
We provide high levels of sercurity to all users


Absolutely no ads
Stream & download unlimited music
Build your A&R Profile
We provide high levels of sercurity to all users
Earn LMLT for streaming music
You can buy token without paying any transactions
Discover up & coming artists
You can use a mobile device to pay

Road map

Our Strategy & Project Plan

Jun 2019


  • Idea drafting
  • Prototype
Aug 2019

Limelight v1.0

  • Minimal Viable Product
  • App Store Launch
  • 10k+ Downloads
Sep 2019

App Store Top Charts

  • No. 4 on Top Charts in Music
  • 20k+ Downloads
Nov 2021

AlphaLimelight (aLMLT)

  • AlphaLimelight (aLMLT)
  • BSC Deployment
Apr 2021


  • Creation of Telegram
  • Token Development
  • App Development
Mar 2020

Limelight v2.0

  • Minimal Viable Product v2.0
  • App Store Launch
  • $30k Communitech Grant
Dec 2021

Limelight (LMLT)

  • Ethereum + Polygon (PoS)
  • BSC-to-ETH Bridge
Dec 2022

Limelight v3.0

  • iOS & Android Beta
  • Integration of LMLT
Jan 2022

Platform Launch

  • iOS & Android App
  • Limelight (LMLT) Token
  • Development of NFTs