Limelight Token (LMLT)

Limelight is decentralizing music discovery through blockchain.

Limelight Music is an ecosystem that strives to empower talented musicians by providing them with the exposure they need to get an opportunity to build fanbases starting from the ground up. We will try making the transition to Web3 as smooth as possible by keeping the look and feel of the upcoming app as familiar as possible. 

An efficient token economy for the music community.
Limelight Token (LMLT) as well as it's upcoming utility tokens will power the limelight ecosystem.
Decentralized music discovery that empowers talent.
Algorithmically determined outreach based on listener engagement on limelight.
Governance protocol powered by the people, for the people.
Limelight Token (LMLT) can only be earned by users who contribute in securing the network by using it.
Tokenized digital distribution
Artists will be able to mint NFTs for the music they release on limelight, as well as be able to manage royalties for multiple contributers through trustless smart-contrat mechanisms.

AlphaLimelight (aLMLT)

1 AlphaLimelight (aLMLT) = 1 Limelight (LMLT)
Total BNB Raised



5 m aLMLT
Round 1 Presale: 56% Sold
1 BNB = 0 aLMLT
Token Price

Round 1 Presale: 5,000,000 aLMLT (5%)


Round 2 Presale: 5,000,000 aLMLT (5%)


Community Incentives & Airdrops: 5,000,000 aLMLT (5%)


Development & Marketing: 10,000,000 aLMLT (10%)


Public Sale: 70,000,000 aLMLT (70%)

What is aLMLT?
Limelight is conducting it's private-sale & pre-sale on Binance Smart Chain.
Users will be able to convert aLMLT into LMLT using a bridge in December 2021.

The problem

The music industry is saturated because of major-labels.

Major-label’s run the music industry. This has made it difficult for independent artists to succeed on their own merit, they are often left hopeless and ultimately end up giving on their dream as they see the challenge of building a fanbase too much of an impossible task. 

The solution

Limelight is a decentralized music protocol focused on talent

With limelight, musicians are able to get the opportunity to get their music infront of potential fans through it’s robust blockchain ecosystem that is algorithmically designed to push good music to further audiences. 

For Music Creators

Build fanbases that support you
You can use a mobile device to pay
Mint NFTs to sell to your fans
Stream & download unlimited music
Drive streams to your music
You can buy token without paying any transactions
Create your own artist token
We provide high levels of sercurity to all users


Absolutely no ads
Stream & download unlimited music
Build your A&R Profile
We provide high levels of sercurity to all users
Earn LMLT for streaming music
You can buy token without paying any transactions
Discover up & coming artists
You can use a mobile device to pay

Road map

Our Strategy & Project Plan

Jan 2021


  • Project Planning
Mar 2021


  • Market Research
May 2021


  • iOS Beta Development
Oct 2021

Blockchain Development

  • Ropsten Testnet R&D
Sep 2021

Beta Testing

  • iOS TestFlight Beta
Nov 2021

Token Presale

  • Presale on BSC (pLMLT)
Dec 2021

iOS/Android Beta

  • Limelight (Web3) Beta + pLMLT Bridge
Jan 2022

Limelight Token (LMLT)

  • Token launch on Ethereum

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