Unleash the power of independent music with limelight - where every artist has a chance to shine.

Limelight is a revolutionary social music-sharing platform designed to spotlight independent artists. Through algorithmic music discovery, we democratize music exposure by placing the power back into the hands of real listeners.

The Problem

In today's digital age, breaking through as an independent artist is a daunting challenge. Major labels have monopolized social media, and the escalating costs of promotions have put emerging talent at a disadvantage. The emphasis of the music industry has shifted from genuine artistry to mere marketability, leaving countless talented artists overshadowed and their potential unrealized.

The Solution

Limelight offers a refreshing approach. By generating a tailored music queue for each user, based on preferences like genre and location, we ensure that music discovery remains personalized. Our XP (Experience Points) system gauges the merit of a song, influencing its discoverability. Every interaction - from likes and shares to comments - plays a role in shaping an artist's merit score. This score, in turn, influences their visibility within the platform.

The Social Power of Sharing:

Limelight introduces an innovative feature that allows anyone —artist or listener —to share tracks within the platform. Here's how it works:

Be the First to Share:
Share a track you love and gain XP when others engage with it. The more engagement the track receives, the more XP you earn.
Subsequent Shares:
If someone else shares the track after you, they essentially re-share your original post, directing even more XP your way. You're acknowledged as the track's original promoter within the Limelight community.
Influence the Queue:
The more XP you earn, the more influence you wield in shaping the platform's music discovery algorithm. Essentially, you become a tastemaker, impacting what gets heard and who gets famous.
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For Musicians

Organically Earn Exposure
Rise organically based on genuine user engagement and feedback.
Drive Fanbase Growth
Direct links to popular streaming platforms convert Limelight listeners to long-term fans.
Spotlight Opportunities
Get featured on major music outlets for broader visibility.
Interactive Feedback Loop
Engage directly with fans for real-time feedback and better audience understanding.


Discover Ad-free Music:
Music: An immersive experience without disruptive ads.
Support Local Artists
Amplify independent artists beyond geographical boundaries.
Tastemaker Recognition
Gain reputation for supporting successful artists early on.
Engage & Influence
Shape the platform’s music discovery through XP and engagement metrics.

Restore the Underground

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