Revolutionizing music through algorithmic artist discovery.

We recognize in a world where clout is appreciated more than actual talent; it’s difficult to succeed as an independent artists. We have a solution to this problem.

We’ve built a music platform where musicians can distribute their music to digital streaming platforms while also allowing for the opportunity to build a fanbase from the ground-up.  

Major-label’s run the music industry. This has made it difficult for independent artists to succeed on their own merit, they are often left hopeless and ultimately end up giving on their dream as they see the challenge of building a fanbase is too much of an impossible task. Lack of financial support and publicity are two large problems that are encountered by small/independent artist and we have the answer.

With limelight, musicians are able to get the opportunity to get their music in front of potential fans through its robust blockchain ecosystem that is algorithmically designed to push good music to further audiences. 

Our platform offers digital distribution with 100% ownership of music, as well as 90% royalties from streams earned. Moreover, the discovery algorithm drives listeners who have the potential to become fans directly to the music.