Unleash the power of independent music with limelight - where every artist has a chance to shine.

Limelight is a social music-sharing platform designed to spotlight independent artists.

The Social Power of Sharing:

Limelight introduces an innovative feature that allows anyone —artist or listener —to share tracks within the platform

The Present

In today's digital age, breaking through as an independent artist is a daunting challenge. Major labels have monopolized social media, and the escalating costs of promotions have put emerging talent at a disadvantage. The emphasis of the music industry has shifted from genuine artistry to mere marketability, leaving countless talented artists overshadowed and their potential unrealized.

The Future

Limelight offers a refreshing approach. By generating a tailored music queue for each user, based on preferences like genre and location, we ensure that music discovery remains personalized. Our XP (Experience Points) system gauges the merit of a song, influencing its discoverability. Every interaction - from likes and shares to comments - plays a role in shaping an artist's merit score. This score, in turn, influences their visibility within the platform.

For Artists

Organically Earn Exposure
Drive Fanbase Growth
Spotlight Opportunities
Interactive Feedback Loop


Discover Ad-free Music
Support Local Artists
Tastemaker Recognition
Engage & Influence

Restore the Underground

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